FAQs About Preschool

At what age can my child attend preschool? 

Your child must turn 3 or 4 by October 1st to correspond with the Lebanon School District timelines.

How many children are in each classroom?

Typically there are 12 children in the 3 year old classes, 15 in the 4 year old classes.

What is the ratio of children who are developing typically to children with Special Needs? 

Beginnings Preschool is an early childhood program. The ratio of typically developing children to children identified as having special needs may vary but will not exceed more that 50% children identified as having special needs.

I’m concerned about the different needs in the classroom, how will the preschool ensure that my child is getting what they need? 

Our preschool program is designed to meet a variety of needs in the classroom.  Our low staff to student ratio allows our classroom teachers to facilitate activities that foster learning in all children and provide accommodations and modifications to ensure success.  

My child is not yet potty trained; can I still apply for a preschool spot?

Children do not have to be toilet trained in order to enroll in Beginnings Preschool.  Pull-Ups must be provided to preschool by the family.

Is transportation provided to preschool students?

The Lebanon School District does not provide transportation for preschool students. Parents are responsible for arranging transportation for their child to and from Beginnings Preschool.

How much does preschool cost? 

Tuition for the 3 year old class is $900.00 and tuition for the 4 year old class is 1200.00 for the 2016-2017 year. A
$100.00 non-refundable deposit is due at registration and will be applied towards your tuition.

What if our family can't afford the cost of the program? 

The Lebanon School District offers installment plans and a sliding fee scale for families who qualify. Please contact Marty Smith (603) 790-8500 x1106 for more information.

How do I get an application? 

The preschool application is available on the home page or on the tab titled “preschool application”

What happens if I am placed on the “waiting list”?

In some cases, families that receive a preschool spot in February move, change their mind or choose a different program that is a better fit with their family schedule. Families placed on the waiting list may be contacted for a preschool opening at any point between February and November.

I already have a child in the Lebanon School District, do I still have to prove residency?

Yes. The Lebanon School District requires proof of residency every time a student is enrolled. Please see the home page for registration and residency requirements or contact Lorie Morgan at the SAU office, (603)790-8500 x1102.